Alistair Munro

Designer | BAS, M.Arch(Prof.)

Alistair Munro is a designer and architectural graduate based in Auckland, New Zealand. 
His focus is on design as a driver for creation, from the graphic and object scale to the assemblage of architectural spaces. Both traditional and emerging technologies are used as tools for a practice deeply rooted in its social context and engagement.

Alistair is currently involved with the Auckland Architecture Association, and is Co-Director for the 2019 Australasian Students' Architecture Congress, to be held in Christchurch, NZ.
He practises as Alistair Munro Design Ltd., through which he is available for commission and is developing a debut line of products.

Follow @alistaircmunro on Instagram for current projects and process work

Photo courtesy Peter Tanevski, Pittwater NSW, Feb 2016
Peter Stuchbury (L), Alistair Munro, Richard Leplastrier (R)

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